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40 years
Celebrating 40 years!

About Us


Shalom was founded in 1973 by Sister Madeleine Boyd, SND de Namur.  Shalom began as a high school-based drug and alcohol abuse prevention program with a grant from the City of Philadelphia’s Coordinating Office for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Programs.  In the provision of these prevention services, an overwhelming need for intervention services grew.  Expansion and new initiative funding also broadened the scope and target population of Shalom’s services over the years.

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Shalom, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, now in its 40th year of service.  Since inception in 1973, Shalom, Inc. has been giving generously and consistently to children, adolescents and adults in Philadelphia.  We offer a variety of professional services that range from prevention to treatment.  At Shalom, Inc. we believe every individual has intrinsic value, and has the potential to make a unique contribution to society.  It is our mission to decrease the effect of factors that create barriers to the achievement of this potential, and to fortify resources that support each individual’s success.  


Shalom Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3)nonsectarain organization.


Program Recognition

Shalom has received several awards during our years of operation.

  • Program of the Year -- Pennsylvania Certification Board. (2004) 
  • Community Leadership Award from the Caron Foundation to Dr. Sandra Hart, Director of Shalom’s CounselingCenter  (2004)
  •  Distinguished Service to Youth Award from the County and State Detective Association of Pennsylvania to Shalom’s Founder, Sister Madeleine Boyd, SND de Namur. (2004)
  • "Ten American Programs" that “demonstrate attributes considered to be earmarks of effective prevention programming" nomination from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs (1987).
  • Outstanding Achievement Award  --  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Community Health Promotion (1986)
  • National Model for Replication designation from NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse as a national model for replication (NIDA, 1975, 1977).