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40 years
Celebrating 40 years!

Elementary and Middle School Programs

Our grade school programs provide students with facts. Most importantly they teach and practice the skills the students need to resist tobacco, alcohol and other drugs and to solve interpersonal conflicts. The goals of our prevention programs are to instill in the students the desire to take care of themselves and their bodies in a positive, healthy way and to use their skills to deal with conflicts and avoid situations that may cause harm to themselves or others.


Alcohol and Addiction

Grade 1 (Eight Lessons)

Puppets are used to convey prevention materials in a factual non-threatening manner. Topics include: self-esteem, coping skills, peer pressure, decision making, good touch/bad touch, drug and alcohol information.



Too Good for Drugs

Grades K through 8 (Eight Lessons)

This program uses age-appropriate curricula focusing on develping personal and interpersonal skills, appropriate attitudes, knowledge of negative consequences and benefits of a drug-free lifestyle.


Project Alert

Grades 6, 7 and 8 (Eight Lessons)

The Project Alert drug and alcohol curriculum program provides students with insights, understanding and actual skills for resisting substance abuse.


Too Good for Violence

Grades 2 through 8 (Eight Lessons)

This program provides a caring approach to conflict resolution, anger management, respect for self and others. It also teaches effective communication.


Steps to Respect

Grades 3 through 6 (Eight Lessons)

Integrating the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of character education this program places special emphasis on Bully Prevention.


Life Skills Program

Grades 3 through 6 (Eight Lessons)

This program focuses on building and mastering important skills. These include: decision making, stress management, communication, friendship, assertiveness and refusal skills.



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